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AtomBeam hits $3 million target in StartEngine fundraiser
Fri, 29th Dec 2023

AtomBeam, a global expert in edge data efficiency solutions, has announced a significant accomplishment in its fundraising campaign on StartEngine, having successfully reached its maximum campaign target of $3 million.

AtomBeam's unique tech, which can reduce machine data by an average of 75% almost in real-time, effectively quadrupling the bandwidth of existing connections, has garnered substantial interest and support from investors.

The company's fundraising success, reaching the $3 million target with a waitlist exceeding $2 million, underscores the faith and belief that the investor community places in AtomBeam's pioneering solutions.

"The import of this funding cannot be overstated in bringing AtomBeam's incredible data efficiency products into fruition," expressed Charles Yeomans, CEO of AtomBeam. He extolled the enormous potential of their technology to innovate the way machines relate to each other, whilst acknowledging the trust the investor community had placed in their mission.

"We are thankful for the trust and confidence vested in us and continue to stay committed to delivering results," he added.

With the recent attainment of the $3 million funding milestone, AtomBeam stands in an advantageous position to accelerate its growth by onboarding talent that will enable this trajectory. This will further perpetuate the development and sales of its products.

According to the company, this investment will also draw in a high quality and pedigree of talent. This will help AtomBeam to extend the endorsement of its technology and strategic plans beyond its existing 35 patents and sizeable corporate partnerships.

The pioneering solutions and ground-breaking technology by AtomBeam are set to redefine how machines communicate in the future, according to the company.

In April of this year, AtomBeam, announced it had raised $1.3 million in its crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine, an important milestone for the company.

"We are thrilled to see the continued support of our investors, who recognize the potential of AtomBeam's technology to revolutionize how virtually every machine talks to another machine," said Yeomans. "This successful raise brings us one step closer to achieving our engineering goals and driving adoption of our technology."

On the revolutionary technology of the company, Yeomans says, “Imagine your phone could send and receive data four times faster just with a software upgrade. Compaction does that by squeezing out all the inefficiencies in data transmission, and it does it so fast all you experience is, ‘Wow!’”