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Check Point & NVIDIA launch AI Cloud Protect solution
Wed, 20th Mar 2024

Check Point Software has partnered with NVIDIA in a bid to set a new benchmark for securing artificial intelligence (AI) cloud infrastructure at scale. By integrating with NVIDIA Data Processing Units (DPUs), they have launched a solution named "Check Point AI Cloud Protect", which is designed to stymie threats at both network and host levels.

As Gera Dorfman, Vice President of Network Security at Check Point Software Technologies, noted, "AI provides great benefits across healthcare, education, finance and more. However, with the rate and sophistication of cyber attacks increasing, there are threat actors increasingly looking at ways to disrupt AI workloads in the cloud...We are working with NVIDIA to deliver a new secure AI cloud solution with Check Point AI Cloud Protect that guards even the most sensitive and private AI workloads against cyber threats."

Dorfman's statement highlights the value AI brings to various sectors. However, as AI continues to rapidly proliferate, this growth has raised new security challenges. Threats such as backdooring AI models to control output or gain unauthorised access, data exfiltration to expose intellectual property, and denial of service to degrade performance can compromise the security of AI systems. These threats not only pose a risk to business outcomes, but they can also undermine trust in AI operations and potentially affect other aspects of data centres.

The collaboration between Check Point and NVIDIA seeks to address these emerging complexities. Their solution integrates network and host-level security insights in order to protect AI infrastructure from both conventional and new cyber threats. As Yael Shenhav, Vice President of Networking Products at NVIDIA, stated, "As AI becomes more pervasive, securing AI clouds becomes paramount. NVIDIA BlueField 3 enables innovators such as Check Point to offer robust cyber defence measures to secure AI cloud data centres, while also ensuring peak AI performance."

In response to these challenges, AI Cloud Protect has emerged as a strategic solution and is designed for easy deployment, adaptability, and scalability. Offering robust defence against specific AI threats, facilitating easy integration across diverse AI environments, and ensuring AI operations continue unhindered, AI Cloud Protect is a new class of solutions with an objective to secure AI cloud data centres.

Created with NVIDIA BlueField 3 DPU technology and the NVIDIA DOCA software framework, AI Cloud Protect can seamlessly integrate into NVIDIA’s AI ecosystems, demonstrating Check Point's commitment to providing a robust shield against advanced cyber threats. As AI technologies continue to develop and become more prevalent, robust cybersecurity measures like these will prove crucial for safeguarding AI's future.