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Cognizant launches AI-enabled platform for software engineering
Tue, 6th Feb 2024

Global technology company Cognizant is aiming to accelerate business modernisation by expanding its array of platform offerings. The company has announced the launch of Cognizant Flowsource, a generative AI-enabled platform designed to power the new era of software engineering.

According to Cognizant, the Cognizant Flowsource platform integrates all stages of the software development lifecycle, from the design phase to launch, connecting the work of all stakeholders into one unified experience.

The platform leverages artificial intelligence tooling and process orchestration, resulting in faster work pace, increased control, and transparency, the company says. The platform offers features such as self-service templates for code and environment provisioning, automated testing and documentation, enterprise knowledge bases for reusing code, and trained copilots to expedite coding processes.

Emerging technology, new industry players, and shifting customer demands are pressurising organisations to adapt at a pace that can sometimes be implausible given the complexity of their technology environments, the fragmented application of modern engineering processes, and legacy debt and costs, Cognizant says. Cognizant Flowsource aims to address these issues, enabling organisations to improve quality and consistency across development, thereby enhancing scale and market readiness for new products and services.

Prasad Sankaran, Executive Vice President of Cognizant's Software and Platform Engineering, remarked, "In the gen AI era, the pursuit of innovation is creating a hotbed of opportunity for organisations to work faster.

"But working faster must be sustainable, and more speed shouldn’t mean more problems. Cognizant Flowsource addresses this growing need," he said.

Mukesh Dialani, IDC Research Vice President for Digital Engineering and Operational Technology Services, clarified that Cognizant Flowsource goes beyond simply increasing productivity. It ensures high-quality code output through embedded, well-architected practices and multiple levels of quality checks. "With Cognizant Flowsource," Dialani noted, "talent can focus on what matters rather than repeatable, non-value add work."

The platform not only accelerates work processes but also enhances transparency within organizations' software engineering ecosystems. "Problems can be solved faster, the impact can be better understood, and strategy can be delivered more seamlessly," the company explained.

Additionally, Cognizant Flowsource also functions as an extendable platform, allowing organisations to incorporate third-party plugins to further expedite work processes.

Cognizant remains committed to uphold responsible and ethical AI principles, focusing on safety, security, privacy, transparency, and inclusivity. Cognizant Flowsource is the latest addition to Cognizant's suite of platform offerings aimed at managing the intricacies of IT environments and facilitating the transition towards a cloud-native architecture.