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Health On Cloud announces global expansion of metaverse healthcare
Fri, 29th Dec 2023

Health On Cloud, a trailblazer in advanced healthcare solutions, has announced its global expansion strategy, launching its ground-breaking metaverse medical consultation platform, CURISALL, and medical education platform, MEDTIS. Destined for a roll-out in Kazakhstan, Colombia, and a host of Latin American countries in 2024, this strategy not only outlines an ambitious growth plan but also signifies the firm's dedication to the application of metaverse technology in enhancing remote medical and educational services.

Sharing his excitement over this initiative, Mike Dowding, the Chief Innovation Officer of Health On Cloud, stated, "Leveraging metaverse technology for remote medical and educational services holds tremendous potential, particularly in rural communities of developing countries with limited access to high-quality healthcare services." Dowding expanded on the company's vision to build a globally connected Virtual University Hospital encapsulating Meta-Versity and Cloud Hospital, striving to foster a world where access to medical services is exclusion-free.

Health On Cloud is set to utilise its revolutionary technologies to introduce state-of-the-art digital healthcare solutions to countries like Colombia, where there has been a real appetite for advancements in this area. The firm's strategy will sequentially introduce the CLOUD HOSPITAL and META-VERSITY platforms in Colombia as part of a pioneering Feasibility Study. This collaborative effort will involve national leading medical institutions and global industry partners, all dedicated to boosting Colombia's healthcare capabilities in a bid to guarantee the long-term wellbeing of its citizens. By collating medical data through remote consultations, Health On Cloud also aims to contribute to future advancements in healthcare technology.

This innovative initiative is set to move beyond the Colombian borders and expand sequentially into neighbouring countries that are somewhat geographically restricted by the vast Amazon rainforest. Alongside this geographical expansion, Health On Cloud will broaden its impact through MEDTIS, a cloud-based educational platform that offers specialised courses in oncology, cardiology, and neuroscience. Technological innovation lies at the core of the platform, which leverages extended reality technology to provide virtual reality medical training to healthcare professionals.

The company is driven by its mission to integrate the metaverse and healthcare on an international scale, creating a world where top-quality medical services are universally accessible. To expedite this initiative, Dr Sanghoon Jheon, the president of the Asian Society of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery, established the Smart Hospital Alliance. Comprising leading global partners such as Seoul National University Hospital Group and Asan Medical Center in South Korea, Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust in the UK, and other leading institutions based in Singapore and the USA, the Alliance is committed to improving global medical accessibility, education, patient safety, and customer satisfaction through the deployment of Information and communication technology (ICT) and metaverse technologies. As a key member of the Smart Hospital Alliance, Health On Cloud is dedicated to championing the progressive advancement of healthcare through technology and international partnerships.

Concluding on the company's aims, Tim Jheon, another representative from Health On Cloud, stated, "Beyond remote consultations, personalised medical advice, and innovative educational initiatives, Health On Cloud is committed to supporting transformative projects in simulation centres, advancing research in tropical disease genomics, and pioneering early cancer detection. This underscores our dedication to fostering a healthier and more connected world."