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Importance of cyber readiness emphasised for World Backup Day
Fri, 29th Mar 2024

Autonomous cybersecurity learning firm CybeReady has stressed the vital role of cybersecurity readiness on the advent of World Backup Day 2024, which falls on March 31st. The key thrust of the company's advocacy focuses on equipping employees with the latest knowledge and tools to counteract an emerging breed of cyber threats, attacks, and data loss. This approach underscores the necessity of adopting proactive measures to foster a workforce culture with a security-first orientation.

World Backup Day, launched in 2011, serves as a universal cue for the significance of data backup as a means to ensure business continuity in the face of a data loss event - often the aftermath of a malicious cyber attack. Preventative strategies such as regular data backups are crucial but must be complemented by all-encompassing cybersecurity education to mitigate the risks of an attack and consequently lessen the need for recovery processes. The cybersecurity learning platform offered by CybeReady aims to furnish employees with the skills to identify and respond effectively to cybersecurity threats.

The cybersecurity landscape now contends with sophisticated tactics like smishing, quishing, and generative AI-driven attacks, commonly employed by cyber criminals to exploit human vulnerabilities and technological advancements. Smishing, a portmanteau of 'SMS' and 'phishing', engages fraudulent text messages deployed to deceive recipients into revealing confidential information or downloading malware. Quishing (Quick Response code phishing) capitalises on QR codes, tricking unknowing users into visiting malicious websites or downloading harmful applications. Generative AI-driven cyberattacks denote a significant leap forward in cyber threat evolution, employing artificial intelligence to automate and amplify the complexity of these attacks.

Recognising the escalating scale of these cyber threats, CybeReady urges IT professionals to prioritise cybersecurity education and readiness. In line with this, the company encourages the adoption of a set of measures to bolster an organisation's cybersecurity stance. These recommendations encompass the implementation of ongoing cybersecurity education programmes, deploying simulated attack scenarios, customising learning programmes to cater to an organisation's specific needs and vulnerabilities, promoting a security-first culture, and integrating advanced tools and resources into cybersecurity learning initiatives for amplified outcomes.

Mike Polatek, CEO at CybeReady, commented: "As technology defines both the present and future of our global economy, ensuring every employee stands as a vigilant guardian against cyber threats is not just an option, but an imperative." He further stated: "As World Backup Day 2024 approaches, we're reminded that cybersecurity is not just about technology, but people. By empowering employees with continuous cybersecurity learning and readiness, we're not just protecting data; but preserving the trust and integrity that is the foundation of every successful business."