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Navigating the AI-dominated era: Alteryx highlights future enterprise trends
Tue, 12th Dec 2023

Findings from fresh independent research conducted by Alteryx, Inc., a leading Analytics Cloud Platform company, have been released. The study, 'Defining the Enterprise of the Future', has sketched out the three-year roadmap for managing enterprises in an AI-dominated era. The report utilises insights from 2800 IT and business decision-makers worldwide. The role of AI in the future enterprise has been revealed, with AI innovation and regulation being deemed key players.

Souma Das, Managing Director, India Sub-continent at Alteryx, unpacked the data stating that, "The insights from our survey paint a vivid picture of the enterprise of the future: to build a truly AI-driven enterprise requires balancing AI innovation with robust regulation and a workforce adept in both technical and soft skills." Additionally, careful consideration of AI technology implementation is crucial, aligning with the principles laid out in the National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence introduced in 2018.

As AI continues to make significant strides within enterprises, it has led to raised ethical considerations around transparency, data privacy, and data governance. The research found that 63% of Indian business leaders expect to increase their investments in advanced technology. Almost eight in ten claim that AI has already started to affect their organisation's ambitions, with 53% intending to invest in AI and other advanced technologies to keep pace with market developments.

The research also highlighted a clear move towards regulation, with 90% of Indian business leaders stating that guidelines surrounding AI usage should be established within their sector as it continues to transform business landscapes. The same leaders believe that these policies will allow businesses to implement AI responsibly. Over half raised concerns about potential legal and ethical outcomes if they don't have an ethical AI framework set up.

While AI is already causing significant ripple effects in the current skills demanded in the future enterprise, nearly one-third of businesses view the managing of increasingly voluminous and diverse data as the most significant hurdle in achieving this. The study highlighted a shift towards hiring multi-skilled employees who can contribute across various functional areas, with three-quarters of Indian business leaders believing it is more important for their workforce to be multi-skilled than specialised. Desired skills include data analysis, data mining, AI and machine learning but with an increasing demand for soft skills like digital literacy, creativity and active learning.