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OMNIVISION launches new 4K2K resolution image sensor for security cameras

OMNIVISION, a global developer of semiconductor solutions, has unveiled the OS08C10, a superior, innovative sensor that offers high-performance 8MP resolution imaging for home and professional security cameras, as well as IoT and action cameras.

The new sensor, with a 1.45-micron backside illumination (BSI), provides improved sensitivity and optimised readout noise, features that have consistently been in demand in the security market.

The OS08C10 sensor boasts the capability of supporting both staggered high dynamic range (HDR) and single exposure dual analogue gain (DAG). This combination allows excellent-quality imaging in various lighting conditions.

The staggered HDR further extends the dynamic range in both low and brightly-lit areas. The addition of built-in DAG enables single-exposure HDR support and reduces motion artefacts. The 4K2K resolution offers superior image quality with refined details and improved clarity.

Cheney Zhang, Senior Marketing Manager at OMNIVISION, highlights the capabilities of their new OS08C10 image sensor. This sensor offers enhanced sensitivity and optimised readout noise. It narrows the performance gap traditionally associated with larger-pixel image sensors typically used in high-performance security imaging.

The OS08C10 is versatile, supporting both staggered HDR and DAG HDR. Staggered HDR improves dynamic range in lighting conditions, including bright and low-light situations. Additionally, the inclusion of built-in DAG HDR enables single-exposure HDR support while reducing motion artefacts.

Cheney Zhang says: "Our new 1.45 µm pixel OS08C10 image sensor provides improved sensitivity and optimised readout noise, closing the gap with big-pixel image sensors that have traditionally been required for high-performance imaging in the security market."

"The OS08C10 supports both staggered HDR and DAG HDR. Staggered HDR extends dynamic range in both bright and low lighting conditions; the addition of built-in DAG provides single-exposure HDR support and reduces motion artefacts."

"Our new feature-packed sensor supports 4K2K resolution for superior image quality with finer details and enhanced clarity," says Cheney Zhang. 

The OS08C10 provides real-time 4K video capture at 60 frames per second, with minimal artefacts. Its selective conversion gain pixel design allows the sensor to flexibly select low and high conversion gain, contingent on the lighting conditions.

The sensor also uses the revolutionary correlated multi-sampling (CMS) to curtail readout noise further and improve the signal-to-noise ratio (SNR1) and low-light performance, thereby ensuring enhanced image quality.

Built using OMNIVISION's 'PureCelPlus-S' stacked-die technology, the OS08C10 demonstrates the remarkable achievement of high-resolution 8MP in a small 1.45 m BSI pixel.

The OS08C10 delivers an industry-leading low power consumption of 300 mW at 60 fps. The new sensor is a cost-effective solution for security cameras, IoT, and action camera applications.

The sensor is available for sampling now and will be in mass production in the first quarter of 2024.

OMNIVISION develops advanced digital imaging, analogue, and touch and displays solutions for multiple applications and industries, including mobile phones, security and surveillance, automotive, computing, medical, and emerging applications.

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