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Paris start-up Mindee unveils AI-powered document processing tool
Fri, 29th Mar 2024

Paris-based document processing start-up Mindee has launched docTI (Document Tailored Intelligence), a new tool that utilises artificial intelligence to shake up document processing in SaaS products. The AI-driven optical character recognition (OCR) tool is the first of its kind to allow for the processing of any type of document, in any language, completely dispensing with the necessity of data model training.

By skipping the data preparation period, which can consume up to 39% of a data scientist's time, docTI may hold the key to driving efficiency throughout the tech industry. The tool gives product managers the ability to generate custom document processing APIs and subsequently test and incorporate them in considerably shorter timeframes - just a matter of minutes as opposed to months.

According to Jonathan Grandperrin, CEO of Mindee, the creation of docTI is founded on the company's core objective of furnishing clients with solutions that meet their exact needs. He stated: "With docTI, we're bringing a one-of-a-kind combination of deep learning, computer vision, and large language models (LLMs) to provide the most adaptable, dynamic, and high-performing document processing tool on the market."

The unveiling of docTI marks a significant evolution of Mindee's original offering - a comprehensive API catalogue for processing standard documents like invoices and identity documents. docTI's reach extends far beyond this by being applicable to any document type, making it a crucial tool for numerous sectors including fintech, HRIS, and the legal system among others. A key breakthrough is the tool's ability to eradicate the lengthy and intricate process of data collection, annotation and model training usually required of SaaS development teams.

On the customer side, docTI's ability to adapt and offer efficiency in document processing has been lauded by Marc Freichet, Cofounder and Managing Director of T2i. He expressed that docTI enables the company to "respond quickly to our customers' business requirements, processing the many different types of document we encounter. docTI is now breaking new ground in intelligent document analysis."

Mindee's primary function is to assist developers in systematising application workflows through standardising the document processing layer. Noting a range of applications, Mindee's API can be implemented for various functions that include accounts payable automation, procurement, insurance, and employee onboarding, to name a few. Mindee's innovative new tool, docTI, seems set to transform the landscape of document processing by offering a solution that eliminates the need for lengthy data preparation.