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ScreenCloud integrates Microsoft Azure into workplace solution

ScreenCloud has announced it is integrating Microsoft Azure to its workplace productivity solution. The integration is designed to improve employee engagement and elevate workplace productivity through seamless integration with Microsoft productivity applications.

The new solution is available through the Microsoft Azure Marketplace which reduces billing overhead on finance and procurement teams.

ScreenCloud integrates Azure Kubernetes Services and Azure DB for PostgreSQL among other services to deliver a solution that allows organisations to display real-time information from Microsoft applications such as Teams, Power BI, Viva Engage, and SharePoint directly on workplace screens. 

The integration will enable organisations to unlock efficiencies in employee communications and aid in improving productivity and compliance, the company states.

Mark McDermott, CEO of ScreenCloud, notes, "The days of relying solely on video and image files for digital signage are fading fast, ScreenCloud envisions a future where content is dynamically generated from the web, leveraging deep integrations with strategic partners like Microsoft."

"Our collaboration empowers customers to elevate employee engagement using the content and systems they already have, but now reaching the entire workforce via screens, not just the knowledge workers."

The majority of ScreenCloud's clientele depend on Microsoft's ecosystem, creating and storing content within its various applications. With ScreenCloud solutions pulling information from those repositories, such as Sharepoint files, Power BI dashboards or Teams content, the improved collaboration will drive this even further.

Customers will be enabled to utilise more up-to-date content that can deliver insights and better engage employees rather than manually copying across content.

James Chadwick, ISV Ecosystem Lead at Microsoft Corp, says, "Frontline workers are the backbone of the global economy. By seamlessly fusing Microsoft's robust business technologies with ScreenCloud's expertise in digital signage, we are empowering these workers with insightful, real-time information. The integration aims to enhance engagement, retention, and overall well-being, fostering a happier and more productive workforce."

Alexander Nikitin, Director of Engineering, ScreenCloud, says, "Choosing Azure as our hosting platform is more than a technical decision; it's a commitment to our customers. Our bedrock principle is the reliability and steadfast security of our systems, ensuring our service's 24/7 availability. With the strength of Microsoft Cosmos DB for Postgres, we can confidently promise enhanced fault tolerance and improved tenant segregation."

Nikitin continues, "Ultimately, the robust and developer-friendly infrastructure Azure provides accelerates our development process, allowing us to innovate faster and meet the ever-growing demands of our clientele, who will experience the immediate convenience of consolidated billing and seamless Single Sign-On integrations."

"In today's world, every workplace has become a digital environment, with Microsoft a driving force of the interconnected online spaces. ScreenCloud plays a crucial role by offering the means to access and comprehend these spaces through the use of an often-overlooked, albeit ubiquitous communication medium; screens."

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