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ServiceNow unveils Washington D.C. with advanced GenAI tech
Tue, 26th Mar 2024

ServiceNow, the digital workflow company, has announced its latest platform release, titled Washington D.C. The company is focused on enhancing user experiences through state-of-the-art technology. The new release offers several innovative features, such as advancements in Now Assist GenAI, revolutionising the way enterprises manage their workflows by embedding responsible and intelligent automation directly into the ServiceNow platform. This allows businesses to expand generative AI initiatives across various departments within a single platform, effectively facilitating smarter experiences and swift deployment.

Key features of the Washington, D.C. release include tools optimised for vital interactions, provisions for business growth acceleration, and systems allowing organisations to adapt quickly to changing customer and employee needs. The latest enhancements in GenAI experiences offer responsible, intelligent automation directly within the ServiceNow platform, enabling organisations to boost productivity and derive value from their AI investments swiftly.

Jon Sigler, Senior Vice President of Platform at ServiceNow, said, "The partnership between human intelligence and artificial intelligence enables a new level of simplicity to drive better business outcomes. ServiceNow leads the industry with secure, responsible generative AI solutions, all on a single platform for end-to-end business transformation. With the latest innovations in the Washington, D.C. release, we are bringing generative AI to new use cases and personas so we can multiply its impact for every industry."

The new platform release offers Now Assist for IT Operations Management (ITOM) AI Ops, Now Assist in Virtual Agent enhancements, and ServiceNow Impact AI Accelerators. These additions enhance ServiceNow's innovations in AI and facilitate significant productivity boosts and value acceleration from AI investments.

ServiceNow also continues to enhance its rapidly expanding generative AI portfolio, thereby enabling enterprises to extend the benefits of generative AI across departments and accelerate their value from AI investments. The platform additions simplify intelligent automation experiences and offer superior productivity using a single, intuitive interface for comprehensive workflow automation.

Further first-rate innovations include the new Workflow Studio that empowers creators to create workflow automations with ease from start to finish. The solution integrates various capabilities into one view, permitting employees to collaborate and easily create, configure, and monitor automated workflows. Additionally, Operational Technology (OT) Knowledge Management enhances existing OT Visibility, Service Management, and Vulnerability products. This development is set to accelerate the resolution of shop floor issues, thereby fostering digital transformation, particularly in the industrial sector.

The Washington, D.C. release also includes Security Posture Control (SPC), a new addition to the Security Operations portfolio. It aids companies in gaining visibility into critical security tool coverage gaps, identifying assets with high-risk combinations, and automating response workflows across the enterprise. SPC empowers customers to gain a deeper understanding of their security posture, and consequently, enhances cybersecurity strength and resilience.

ServiceNow's latest Now Platform release includes new pre-built, cross-functional workflows that leverage their Common Service Data Model (CSDM), allowing businesses to leverage their operational data to drive efficiencies at scale. The CSDM enables organisations to compile data across hardware or software, cloud or data centre, into an auditable, trusted data model that can be utilised across numerous workflows while adhering to regulatory guidelines.

Michael Lombardo, CEO of Glidefast stated, “The new ServiceNow Workflow Studio is a simple way for our teams to stand-up automated workflows without the need to write code. We look forward to Workflow Studio updates in the ServiceNow Washington D.C. release to give our employees and clients more time to focus on meaningful work.”