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STX Next enhances Man Group's fund management via innovative tech tools
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

IT consulting business, STX Next, has successfully completed a partnership project with Man Group, the global, technology-empowered active investment management company. Utilising its extensive experience in technical and business-focused solutions, STX Next has reinforced Man Group's ability to manage client funds proficiently and has provided the company with improved data discovery, filtering, and predictive tools.

The collaboration brought together an accomplished frontend development team to build and maintain 16 various applications, each equipped with a unique set of features to enhance visibility for portfolio managers. The challenge for STX Next was to introduce digital solutions which streamlined daily operations without causing significant disruption to customers and staff. Additionally, the applications required a unified interface language to foster trust and loyalty in Man Group customers.

Man Group turned to STX Next to supplement their existing backend development team. STX Next made sure to amass a team of experienced engineers to ensure high-quality solutions while building a firm and enduring relationship with Man Group. The company succeeded in implementing a variety of applications, including data set aggregation and risk and portfolio management tools, which eventually led to deeper insights and more informed decision-making for the team.

STX Next also helped in developing a 'Funds drill down app' which provided Man Group with instant insights about fund performance, making it easier to anticipate future yield and new opportunities for growth. Another important aspect of their collaboration was creating visualisations of massive data sets on extra-large screens. These interactive dashboards provided an exceptional way to supervise performance indicators and identify trends and anomalies.

The results of the partnership have proven immensely successful for Man Group. STX Next equipped the company with an improved data discovery process, providing them with an ability to track and analyse ongoing projects effectively. Additionally, they established a building tool for portfolio managers that allowed thorough filtering for existing projects using predefined scenarios.

This new tool could predict the risks, resources involved, and the financial parameters of the project at hand. STX Next also redrew internal applications, complete with real-time tables and graphs that could be viewed on a big screen. Their efforts resulted in the construction of a dashboard for portfolio performance analysis with detailed insights, a unified UI across all applications, and a toolkit to support building and redesigning apps in the future.

In response to the productive partnership, Łukasz Koczwara, COO at STX Next, stated: “Each and every application we’ve designed, maintained and updated during our collaboration with Man Group has been built with usability in mind, with the ultimate aim of streamlining interaction for portfolio managers. Through improved visibility, Man Group can make more informed investment choices on behalf of its clients, by leveraging intelligent applications that can accurately predict their needs.”