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SurveySparrow launches AI features Wings & CogniVue
Fri, 23rd Feb 2024

Recognised as the world's first chat survey software, the experience management platform SurveySparrow is setting a new standard for enhancing customer experiences. Launching pioneering AI features "Wings" and "CogniVue," SurveySparrow is utilising generative AI to redefine experience management throughout the customer journey.

Acting as an autopilot in the feedback collection process, AI Wings accelerates and enhances efficiency. This innovative feature facilitates a broad range of tasks, including curating survey questions, creating custom workflows, and visualising data. Businesses can now effortlessly navigate approximately 20 product features, using this all-in-one toolset to create an unprecedented customer experience. With the integration of AI, Wings exceeds merely automating processes, going above and beyond to revolutionise them, aligning with the dynamic needs of customers' interactions.

Addressing the ever-present challenge of extracting actionable insights from vast data quantities, SurveySparrow introduces CogniVue, their intelligent data analyst. The state-of-the-art software enables drilled-down insights into survey responses, revealing customer sentiments and key drivers behind important business metrics. Championing a new approach to data analysis, CogniVue provides smart, industry-specific insights, revolutionising the work of Voice of the Customer (VOC) analysts.

Shihab Muhammed, the Founder and CEO of SurveySparrow, emphasises the transformative power of generative AI in their platform. By leveraging this technology, SurveySparrow aims to convert data into meaningful conversations and actionable insights. This approach focuses on enhancing the customer experience by making interactions more personalised and human-like, even in digital environments. 

Muhammed said, "Embracing generative AI allows us to turn data into dialogues and insights into actions. It is about elevating the customer experience to be more human-centric, even in a digital domain. Our platform is now more intuitive, responsive, and, importantly, more personal."

SurveySparrow's surveys have consistently delivered response rates exceeding the industry average of 15%, occasionally reaching an impressive 80-90%. The implementation of AI features only further guarantees improved results, maintaining SurveySparrow's reputation as a leader in customer experience innovation.

Rishul Raj Aggarwal, Business Unit Head, SurveySparrow, commented, "Generative AI is reshaping the landscape of customer experience, making it more intuitive, personalised, and efficient. With Wings and CogniVue, we are not just automating processes but elevating them to meet the needs of today's dynamic customer interactions."

The innovation doesn't stop with these features, with continual boundary pushing being at the core of SurveySparrow's mission. Rigorously committed to ensuring businesses not only meet but exceed customer expectations. On February 23rd, SurveySparrow will host its exclusive CX event, RefineCX India, in Mumbai. The gathering will offer insights from industry leaders, showcase cutting-edge innovations and address themes such as mastering personalisation and harnessing social reputation.

Looking ahead, SurveySparrow announces exciting future developments, marking a promising new era for customer interaction powered by understanding and foresight. With SurveySparrow, the future is not just automated; it's personalised.