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Trustwave launches Threat Intelligence as a Service for businesses
Wed, 3rd Apr 2024

Trustwave, a global provider of cybersecurity and managed security services, has launched Trustwave Threat Intelligence as a Service (TIaaS). This new addition to the organisation's offensive security offering portfolio provides companies with actionable threat intelligence based on factors relevant to their operations.

Trustwave TIaaS offers a critical tool for businesses in an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape. By providing contextualised, timely, and prioritised threat intelligence, TIaaS enables organisations to make risk-based and threat-informed decisions that directly serve to protect their operations and brand reputation.

Craig Searle, Trustwave's Global Leader of Cyber Advisory, acknowledged the transforming landscape of cybersecurity. He stressed, "The traditional, reactive approach to cybersecurity simply isn't enough anymore. Organisations today need an offensive and proactive approach to cybersecurity that can address the full spectrum of exposure."

The aim of TIaaS is to produce intelligence-led insights and outcomes, which allow businesses to adopt a more proactive stance against cyber threats. Searle emphasised that understanding an organisation's unique vulnerabilities across the entire attack surface is essential in making this shift from generic to specific intelligence.

The threat intelligence service utilises Trustwave's team of SpiderLabs security experts. It offers early warning systems, aids in risk-based decision-making, minimises wasted resources on false positives, and provides faster incident responses. Trustwave TIaaS also ensures companies receive continually updated intelligence about evolving threats, trends, and threat actor profiles.

The service employs Trustwave's SpiderLabs Intelligence Led Knowledgebase (SILK) Methodology. This human-led approach combines expert analysis with advanced threat intelligence tools to produce validated, high-value intelligence. It includes a comprehensive suite of features such as initial threat assessment workshops, attack surface analysis, intelligence analysis, dark web and public internet monitoring, and a centralised threat knowledge base.

Trustwave's global reach ensures wide-ranging threat coverage, with support available in 86 countries. The company's solutions are designed to be flexible and convenient for businesses, addressing specific needs and budget constraints. By partnering with Trustwave, organisations can safeguard their operations against disruptive and damaging cyber threats through access to industry-recognised leadership in security and practical security guidance informed by real-world threat research.