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Zoom introduces Workplace AI platform & expands AI services
Fri, 29th Mar 2024

Zoom has announced the development of Zoom Workplace, an AI-powered collaboration platform, as well as new expansions to their AI Companion service. A total of 40 innovations were introduced at Enterprise Connect to reflect this new shift in the company's focus.

The new Zoom Workplace platform brings core collaboration solutions into a single space to bolster productivity, enhance connectivity and offers an improved user experience. Key updates include new shared spaces and Team Chats to help organise users and improve the discoverability of content. Seamless communication is possible thanks to the new Meetings tab that facilitates collaboration before, during, and after meetings. Customisation options are a key component, with Smart Name Tags for Zoom Rooms and document collaboration features that give users the options to co-edit and share documents through the meetings service.

On the AI Companion front, several major innovations were announced to improve productivity, augment employee skills, and prioritize crucial tasks. At the forefront are the Ask AI Companion and AI Companion for Zoom Phone. The former synthesises and shares information from Zoom Meetings, Mail, Team Chat, Notes, Docs, and more to help prepare users for their workdays. The latter gives users the ability to request a post-call summary and next steps, along with features like voicemail prioritisation, voicemail task extraction, and team SMS thread summary.

Zoom Contact Center also saw substantial updates to augment and streamline customer service and agent capabilities. These include the integration of more digital channels, AI enhancements, insights, and improved compatibility to help bolster customer relationships.

Following the launch, Zoom detailed plans for their new Zoom Workplace bundles, rebranded and redeployed from their Zoom One bundles. As Zoom continues its pivot into an advanced AI-powered collaboration platform, customers with paid services can expect continued access to existing features through their paid accounts.

Zoom's latest developments have been a result of the positive impact that AI integration has had on their business and clientele. As remarked by Smita Hashim, Zoom's Chief Product Officer, the goal of these developments is to present a comprehensive and AI-powered solution to help improve productivity, efficiency, and workflow. By consolidating necessary tools and functions into a single platform, Zoom is aiming to streamline the modern workday while facilitating a higher level of collaborative work. Hashim stated that Zoom Workplace with AI Companion aims to "solve real customer problems" while helping to shape the future of the workday experience for all users across digital spaces.

As businesses continue searching for technological solutions to boost their productivity and redefine their team ethic, Zoom's ongoing AI innovations are setting them up to better serve these needs. As we move into this new era of artificial intelligence and smart working, Zoom is certainly upping its game to be a major player within the arena.

The rollout of these new products and services are planned for April and May of this year.