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Charging Robotics achieves milestone in wireless EV charging
Fri, 29th Dec 2023

Medigus, a technology company specialising in advanced medical solutions, internet technologies, and electric vehicle (EV) and charging solutions, announced that its associate company, Charging Robotics, a subsidiary of Fuel Doctor Holdings, has reached a significant achievement in its endeavour to implement its wireless charging system in automatic car parks.

The successful operation, conducted in Israel as part of Charging Robotics' pilot programme with an automatic car park provider, denotes an important progression towards a more sustainable transportation future.

The experiment was centred around transferring high-voltage electricity wirelessly, a requisite for EV charging, hence honing the efficiency of its proprietary voltage and current control algorithms.

The pioneering system involved two resonance coils designed by Charging Robotics, held 40mm apart to electrically connect via electromagnetic induction. The source electricity, being direct current (DC), was converted to alternating current (AC) at resonance frequency using Charging Robotics' specially designed power circuit, which was then transformed back to DC after induction.

These innovative processes confirm Charging Robotics' capability to produce all necessary algorithms for the control of the system, the company states.

The successful experiment leads the pilot programme one step closer to the actual charging of an EV using Charging Robotics' wireless system at a higher voltage. If this upcoming trial proves successful, the installation of the system in the automatic car park will follow, to facilitate wireless charging of EVs in practical scenarios.

The global Automated Parking System market, valued at US$1.8 billion in 2022, is projected to escalate to US$5.2 billion by 2032, registering a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.4% between 2023 and 2032, according to As the EV market burgeons alongside, the integration of EVs and automated parking systems could pave the way towards an efficient and sustainable means of transport.

Pioneering automated wireless charging solutions, Charging Robotics is spearheading innovative technology in transportation, featuring robotic and stationary charging systems for EVs. Their robotic solutions ensure autonomous EV charging initiated by a simple smartphone app, with designs to navigate underneath the vehicle for charging. Fixed systems crafted for automatic car parks could facilitate seamless charging at locations where conventional manual plug-in systems might prove untenable.

Based in Israel, Medigus's portfolio includes a variety of high-growth, technology-centric partnerships, mainly in advanced medical solutions, digital commerce, and the burgeoning electric vehicle markets. Its influence extends to a host of affiliates in digital commerce, transformative medical solutions and, increasingly, the electric vehicle market, with Charging Robotics Ltd. being a key contributor to the latter.