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Florida-based Jetic emerges from stealth with robust serverless platform
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

Jetic has announced it has 'emerged from stealth' to revolutionise cloud-native integration, with a focus on supporting developers.

Following three years of silent successes in this field, the company has announced the official launch of its flagship product.

The Florida-based company's primary offering is a reliable and robust cloud-native serverless platform designed to aid developers in engineering, delivering, and maintaining scalable Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and integrations, using a wealth of pre-existing connectors and patterns.

Jetic's announcement comes at a time when 89% of companies are currently struggling with data and system integration challenges, the company states.

The complexity, high expense, and frequent incompleteness of application integration stem from the inability of existing solutions to handle the vast breadth of application and system connectors.

Jetic's innovative platform allows users to build these connectors custom to their applications and systems, satisfying all integration needs - whether modern, custom, or legacy.

Andre Sluczka, CEO of Jetic, remarked, "We are thrilled to officially unveil Jetic. Jetic represents a paradigm shift in cloud-native integration, offering a transformative platform that empowers development teams while eliminating the constraints of costly vendor lock-ins.”

Jetic differentiates itself in the market on the basis of no vendor lock-in at two key levels. Initially, due to its utilisation of Kubernetes, the company has ensured it is cloud-agnostic.

This allows Jetic to lift and shift workloads anywhere while maintaining a highly-available environment. Secondly, it employs a unique OpenStack approach which provides seamless native integration into existing enterprise IT stacks. Users can leverage the trusted open-source framework Apache Camel, presenting uninterrupted platform flexibility.

One of Jetic's success stories is with Convey911. Jeff Bruns, Convey911's co-founder and CEO, praised Jetic's contribution, saying, “Jetic has been an invaluable partner in our mission to enhance public safety services across the nation. With Jetic's expertise, we are building a cloud-agnostic, resilient technology platform that enables public safety personnel to seamlessly communicate in any language, ensuring that every American has the help they need in possibly life-threatening situations."

Jetic's platform is diverse in its application, catering to various integration scenarios such as real-time integration, API management, serverless integration, event streaming, data capture, and data transformation. In doing so, it enhances business automation for its users.

Furthermore, Jetic supports deep-rooted cause analysis via cutting-edge monitoring and observability. Built with Git standards, Jetic easily fits into any GitOps strategy, offering professional software rollouts that incorporate modern Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) practices.