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Logicalis unveils upgraded Digital Fabric Platform for CIOs
Tue, 16th Jan 2024

Logicalis has announced the launch of the upgraded version of its Digital Fabric Platform. The next-generation platform promises to provide chief information officers (CIOs) with deeper insights and a provoking stimulus to boost the performance of their entire digital ecosystem.

The Digital Fabric Platform by Logicalis was initially launched in April 2023. It was aimed at offering CIOs a real-time performance overview of their complete digital ecosystem across five key metrics, including reliability, security and compliance, economics, user experience, and environment. Since its launch, the platform has been successfully adopted by over 200 digital managed services customers from various continents, including Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, and the United States.

Responding to the successful initial uptake and with a focus on customer-led innovation, Logicalis has introduced a new version of the platform. This enhanced version was developed with a vision to offer more detailed insights, greater transparency, and actionable recommendations powered by artificial intelligence.

The upgraded Digital Fabric Platform boasts several new features. The enhanced user interface (UI) offers a visually appealing and clean interface, allowing users to visualise their insights on a single page and immediately action recommendations. Furthermore, the platform offers an overall health score, providing a broader view that extends beyond individual devices or configuration items to encompass the entire network, security, cloud, and workplace service sectors.

The platform also offers a more in-depth analysis, showing high, medium, and low-impact recommendations that aim to improve a customer's digital ecosystem's health. This is supplemented by historical progress, performance data, and a comparison of the estimated savings versus the actual savings achieved. This expanded intelligence, supported by AI and automation tools, provides CIOs with the ability to rapidly identify key priorities to enhance their digital fabric.

An additional feature of the platform is a new knowledge base section serving as the platform's encyclopaedia. This assists customers by addressing any questions they may have about the platform, such as understanding how Logicalis calculates metrics and deciphers health scores. This online resource will continuously evolve to address customer needs, ensuring they can confidently navigate the platform and gain meaningful insights.

Toby Alcock, the Chief Technology Officer at Logicalis, commented on the updated platform, saying, "We're excited to unveil our latest Digital Fabric Platform release to the market. Our customer's voices and feedback are at the heart of our continuous product innovation and have been the driving force behind these platform enhancements. Through the platform's new interface and richer insights, we're empowering the CIO with board-level visibility."

CIOs now have the tools at their fingertips to gain a real-time overview and deep insights into the performance of their digital ecosystem across key metrics, leveraging AI to provide actionable recommendations to optimise their strategies and operations.