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Weave enhances Digital Forms platform for improved healthcare efficiency
Wed, 3rd Jan 2024

Weave, a key platform for small to medium-sized healthcare providers, has revealed a series of enhancements to its Digital Forms product. The updates are intended to support the digitisation of healthcare practices, streamline data collection processes, and elevate patient experiences.

Included in the upgrades is the capacity to pre-populate electronically protected health information (ePHI) in solicited forms and attach documents that patients can e-sign for record-keeping purposes.

Since its initial launch, Weave's Digital Forms have had considerable impact, with 17 million forms sent to patients via the Weave platform. This product has enabled healthcare practices to more efficiently transmit, receive, and process information, leading to savings of hundreds of thousands of hours for both patients and practice staff, the company reports.

The latest modifications to this product include:

  • The introduction of Conditional Logic allows practices to  create forms which will display or hide specific questions based on a patient's answer to a prior question. This allows patients to bypass sections or queries that are not relevant to them, increasing the likelihood of form submittal before their appointment.
  • The Attach File feature permits practices to attach one or more documents, such as a PDF or a screenshot of a treatment plan, to forms and optionally get them e-signed by patients. This facilitates a reliable and convenient method for practitioners to send patient-specific data and optionally have extra documentation signed for the record.
  • The Pre-populate ePHI in Solicited Forms feature enables practices to authenticate established patients efficiently by auto-filling existing ePHI data. Once the form is automatically populated, patients can verify the information quickly, thereby reducing waiting times and ensuring form filling does not interfere with appointment schedules.

"We are delighted to debut the enhancements to Digital Forms; it's a key step in transforming the way healthcare practices manage data," stated Branden Neish, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Weave.

He explained how proper patient retention is a top concern for healthcare practices and how Digital Forms can help by transforming patients into advocates and simplifying communication within healthcare, ensuring a smooth and effective process for both providers and patients.

Digital Forms works to improve office efficiency by automating patient intake procedures and focusing time on patient care, resulting in improved patient satisfaction.

The new features are designed to make it even simpler for offices to customise forms and enhance patient experiences with completing forms. By utilising Digital Forms, healthcare practices can automate more steps in their information collection processes, leading to less manual effort, reduced physical contact, and lesser environmental impact.